Oh, Tidings of Shock and Joy!!!!!

In what has been the most unexpected turn of December events (I had previously thought that December was a dead month), I’m ever so happy, ever so excited and ever so about to jump out of my skin to announce that I have just received two offers from two different houses for two different picture books! 

The first is a short boy-friendly pb to Bloomsbury and the second is a short pb celebrating the wonders of having a better-than-best friend to Philomel. 

I couldn’t be more thrilled and can’t wait to share more as I can. But for now, LET’S HAVE A PARTY!!!!!


It’s hard to go from 85 degree (or hotter) weather in Brazil to 19(!) degree weather this morning when I stepped out of the house I’m staying in in South Carolina. It’s so nice to be here but it’s a shock to the system! Keep your fingers crossed for snow while we’re in the States. My kids would love to build a snowman.

Congrats to all the good news-ers lately (


potential good news). No time to go back and find the individual posts but just wanted to say Hoorah! Here’s hoping the trend continues and a few more of us jump on the train! Choo-chooooooo!