Looking Back 2010

I’m loving all these retrospectives and it’s made me go back and think about this past year in my life. I tend not to do that. Think back. It makes me see all the missed opportunities or times when I could have accomplished more, if I’d just done it. But this was a big year in our lives and when I look back, I’m willing to give myself a little grace and also, I’m really really proud of and grateful for some of the things that were accomplished.  


January was spent in a blur of emotion. We were still in the US for what was supposed to be a six month sabbatical. Then my 41 year old husband had a heart attack three days before the beginning of 2010 and we were spinning with shock almost through the whole month. I did several school visits to share ME WITH YOU at schools, a couple of poetry workshops, and took a four day trip to NYC with one of my dearest friends in the world  . We met with editors, saw our agents, and ate some really great food. It was renewing. 


More school author visits, family visits, doctor’s appointments, kids basketball practices and games, and homework. I do not remember writing in February. 

Had hand surgery. Made significant strides on my middle grade novel thanks to the encouragement of writing friends.

School visits, coffee with writing friends, continued working on novel (slowly) and took a trip to NYC with my hubby for a church conference. Saw WICKED and had a backstage tour. Ate with Bobby Flay. Took long walks in Central Park. Renewed again.

School visits, family visits, NE SCBWI Spring Conference in MA. Flew to Vermont, rode down with  . Remembered (through many conversations with Linda) why I wanted to write a novel. Felt filled up to overflowing. 

Had gallbladder surgery. Applied for a job teaching at the American School in Belo Horizonte in order to have a way to provide for our kids’ education once we returned to Brazil. Moved back to Brazil. 

Got the job, began working as the Librarian and Creative Writing Teacher at The American School of Belo Horizonte. Feel right at home.

Writing Lesson plans, settling into working full-time, helping my children adjust to a new school. Overwhelmed, a bit.

Husband in America for three weeks. Buckle down and tell myself if I don’t finish the novel I never will. Finished the novel. Promptly decided a whole thread would need to be removed when I revise it.

Quick weekend trip to America for dear friend’s wedding. Began to research Masters programs related to Reading and Writing Instruction. Hosted a massively wonderful Thanksgiving Day lunch with 39 people. Ate too much. 


Sang at a wedding. Entered school break. Created a book trailer for my forthcoming picture book, MINI RACER. Realized I had a small window of opportunity to revise my novel. Began revising. Cut 5,000 words. Added 2,000 new ones. Continuing to revise. Will spend New Year’s Day (or part of it) writing. Go back to work on January 3rd. Doubt I’ll be finished revising by then but will do as much as I possibly can. 

Here’s to 2011. I welcome you with hopeful arms.