Meet me at the Old Homestead for a Writing Retreat!

October 10-13, I’ll be presenting at the Highlights Foundation in Boyds Mills, PA at the Writing for All Young Readers retreat. If you’ve never heard of the Highlights Foundation, you’ve probably heard of Highlights Magazine, right?

(If not, you may not have been to the dentist often enough. Check it out and order a subscription for your favorite little one!)

The Highlights Foundation exists to support great literature for children. And they do everything they can to support authors, illustrators, and creators of content for kids. My own writing career began at a Highlights conference back in 2005.

2005 Highlights Conference
Patricia McKissack had a profound impact on me at the 2005 Highlights Conference.

The conference center at Boyds Mills is where Highlights magazine began and is always a treat to be at (especially for the food!) But I’m so excited about this workshop because we get to cover SO MUCH content for anyone who wants to write for young readers (see the agenda) and my co-presenters are also graduates of the conference I attended in 2005 and we get to reunite. Kelly and Crystal are two of the most successful writers I know (altogether we’ve published over 30 books since 2005) and I love learning from them every time we’re together.

Image result for kelly starling lyons
Kelly Starling Lyons
Crystal Allen
Crystal Allen

If you’ve ever wanted to write for young readers, this is the workshop you’ve been waiting for.

Here’s a little video (with one of my favorite Highlights elves, Alison) to whet your appetite! You still have time to join us!