For the first time in history…

I am entering new territory. Charting new waters. Breaking new ground (for me, anyway). For the first time ever, I have sent part of a novel for critique.

I am a picture book writer. Or I was. Or actually, I still am AND I’d like to write novels. And by chance,I will be in the States and in Washington, DC on the day of the SCBWI Mid-Atlantic one day conference. And I’ll have the chance to have a manuscript critiqued. I almost played it safe and sent in a picture book that I had confidence in. But what I’m really unsure about, and what I really need help in, is this novel I’m working on (and passionate about, btw.) So, I took a deep breath, eeked out a synopsis and polished the first two chapters.

I am alternately terrified and elated. Mostly, I just wanted to send in a cover sheet that says:

DISCLAIMER: I am a picture book writer who knows nothing about writing novels. PLEASE HELP ME.

But I refrained. I’m trusting the process. I’m trusting that even though I’m not where I want to be right now in knowing how to write a novel, I’m gathering tools along the way. Maybe this critique will give me some of what I need to pull this novel together. For now, though, I’m still catching my breath that I’m letting anyone see it. 🙂

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