Poetry Friday — Hope

I’ve shared this poem before, one I penned a couple of years ago as my own take on hope after reflecting on Emily Dickinson’s “Hope is the Thing with Feathers”. It seems that the euphoria *and* the pain of hope are recurring themes in my life, and sharing this poem again only serves to echo that cycle. Perhaps you can relate?


Hope refuses to perch
as if she had arrived for only a visit,
like so many flitting wings
on the branches of a bloodwood tree,
weaving instead feathers from her breast
into the fabric of my soul.

Her fussing brings pain,
reminding me of a presence I’ve tried
to ignore, preferring instead

            a familiar landscape of barren desert,
averting my eyes from the want within,
growing as if shielded from sun, protected

from possibilities until they would

weigh my branches with promise.

But hope, feathered hope, is already here,
nestled so sweetly for laying,

and I await with the pain
of expectation.

–Kristy Dempsey (2007, all rights reserved)

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ETA: Oh! I forgot to say that ME WITH YOU is the Poetry Friday Picture Book of the Day over at Anastasia Suen’s six traits blog!

Some pics

I’ve had a really rough night and day with some crazy stomach virus going on. Not feeling much better, but wanted you to see these pics that brought me joy on a not so joyous day. There’s still time to enter the contest if you find ME WITH YOU on your bookstore shelves!

Sweet friend Laura; you can see *   *  Hanging out with Tim McGraw and *   *   Friend and Critique Partner Becky Gomez
Mouse was Mad and Two Boys Have                       Brooke Shields in
the Best Week Ever and several                                      Auburn, AL
other friend’s books

Two dear friends in GA In Borders* * * * * * * * * at Mall of GA * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** Pam Ross in Long Island!
Ed and Carol Hogan

The Cute Little Display that Penguin Putnam
sold to some stores. If you have a Wegman’s,
it’s there! This one was at Quail Ridge Books in NC.

Thanks to Laura Flynt Clum, Mom and Tim, Ed and Carol Hogan, Pamela Ross, Becky Gomez, and Kelly Starling Lyons for the pics!

In other news, I blogged today at the Author’s Now website about what being 6,000 miles away from my first book’s debut has taught me about writing for children. Click here to read it. And please leave me a comment!
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was at Barnes and Noble last night in Charlottesville and look what she found!

Okay, and do you see that woman in the background with a stroller? (You can’t see her face so I feel okay about posting her picture without her consent.) saw THAT WOMAN, someone we don’t even know, BUY A COPY of ME WITH YOU! She just picked it up off the shelf and read it and then bought it! Whoo-hoo!

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Seven Impossible Things

ME WITH YOU’s esteemed illustrator, Christopher Denise, is the guest for breakfast over at Jules’ and Eisha’s Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast blog. And let me tell you, you are in for a treat. Not only can you study the beauty of spreads from ME WITH YOU (and some of the text), you can also study Chris’s process for other books, to the tune of 84 (!!!!) images.

The amount of work Jules puts into her interviews is amazing and you seriously will not want to miss her conversation with Chris. My favorite quote: "Suffering as an artist is vastly overrated." Considering what a joy it has been to work with Chris, I couldn’t agree more. 🙂

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