Hint, hint, we want one of these . . .

I’m trying to find my way into a story, likely a picture book. I’ve written 600 words and I’m not even really into the meat of the story yet. For those of you familiar with picture book texts, you’ll recognize I’m already in trouble length-wise. For those of you unfamiliar with picture book texts, well, I’m already in trouble length-wise. It’s going to be too long. And I’m not even really sure I’ve found the right voice for the story OR the right voice for the main character.

I’m writing the story because one of my editors sent me a note about a book they’d like to do and asked me if I’d like to try. I began researching. I got excited about the idea of doing a story on this subject and found a really cool, interesting anecdote that would be perfect to build a story around. So, of course, I really want to grab this opportunity. But I haven’t found my way into the story yet. Has this ever happened to you?

My plan is just to keep trying. I’m going to finish the story I’ve started and get it all on paper, likely topping out at about 1200 words. Too long. Then, I’m going to try a completely different approach and write it in a different style. And then I’ll keep trying if I have to. If it’s a story worth telling, I’ll eventually be able to burn off the dross, right?

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The Good Life

I’m happily sunning at the club while all my kiddies are involved in their individual athletic pursuits. I have written this morning (600 words on novel — my mc has been rescued; 65 words on picture book; more writing to come later), brainstormed book promotion, and exercised for an hour and a half. And none of the children have homework this afternoon. This is one of the good days. But beware, dear reader, do not be jealous. They are few and far between. I wish one for you as well. Soon.

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So much to catch up on…

You people are so interesting! I’ve missed you so much. I am coming back from a long, too long break from LJ. Congrats to all those with recent book releases (jenny_moss and Winnie’s War!) I can’t wait to get to the States for my very own copy.

Tomorrow, summer break is over here in Brazil and the kids return to school, which means I return to a strict writing and exercising schedule. I’ve written some over the past few weeks (a preschool pb that fingers-crossed-my-agent-will-love) but I need to jump back into the novel that I’ve left in midstream (umm, actually in mid-accident; my poor mc needs to be rescued). So hold me accountable, okay? It’s time to get back to work.

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