Remember a few months ago where I mentioned a picture book that had been through umpteen revisions? And then where I mentioned that Smart, Savvy Agent loved the revision and had pushed my little Surfer Chick out into the wide, wide sea of submission-dom? Well. . .

Totally Awesome Editor Chick loved it! And bought it! 

SURFER CHICK, a totally rad picture book in rhyme about one little chick’s trials and triumphs in learning to hang ten, will be published by Harcourt! 

I’m psyched! And stoked! And totally amped, dudes and dudettes. Sah-weeeeeeeet!

Spooky weird

Our city is in a semi-blackout. There is apparently enough power for the lights to be on, although very dim, but not enough power for the fans to run well or for large appliances like a refrigerator to function. Perfect for romance but not so perfect for the ice cream I bought today. 

Or maybe it just means I should go eat it before it melts. . .hmm.

What’s your thang?

What would you do if you sold a book and could afford to take a few thou of your advance and do something special with it? You know, after the taxes, after the adding to the retirement fund, after all the necessarys. . . what’s your little extra dream? What plan do you have in your back pocket for when you finally have that little extra bit of dough?

Announcing. . .

My website is now fully active with interviews, info on writing for children, links to other writers and other generally amazing information. 🙂
Please have a gander and feel free to give feedback.

Any praise should go to my web design extraordinaire, Martha Vaughan. She’s the brains behind this operation. 

I’ll be adding more interviews and information over the next few weeks as well as updating that silly About Me page at some point. But for now, I’m gonna eat cookies and get back to writing something besides web content!