One of two things

When you grab a spoon and scoop out a hunk of peanut butter, and then proceed to thrust it in the bag of mini-marshmallows and then into your mouth, one of two things might be true. Either:

1. You’re a little too stressed for your own good.
2. You didn’t eat quite enough lunch.

Or maybe both.

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Just emailed off the more-detailed-than-I-thought freelance project I’ve been working on and can finally sit up straight and imagine tomorrow. It’s actually a very good thing I had to be busy today because there are a couple of bits of news that I am waiting on. The wait would have been torture today had I not had my nose buried in word lists.

Alas, no real answers on the potential book news front today either. It seems like everyday brings more possibility than closure, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. . . until the floor falls out from under me anyway. 🙂 (Why is it that I *alwaysalwaysalways* must prepare myself for the worst? I’m such a self-protectionist. Excuse me while I go take up my guns and stare the possibility of good news square in the face and see which of us blinks first.)

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Poetry Friday — Making sense of nonsense

Who ever said that nonsense had to have a point? It’s easy for kids to make their own sense of nonsense. There needs to be some sort of logic even within your created world. But sometimes something that makes adults go “huh?’ or “meh.” makes a child laugh hysterically. I’m not really a naturally funny poem writer. But my eight year old daughter considers this poem of mine to be hilarious:


I tried to write a poem of stripes.
It didn’t work too well.
I started rhyming stripe with gripe
Then realized I would fail.
So I started once again
erasing what I’d typed.
But still I cannot find a way
to make this poem striped.

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It ain’t over till it’s over…

About two months ago, Lovely Editor from really Really Large House contacted my oh-so-smart-and-savvy agent to say she loved the picture book we’d just sent her and she was moving forward with acquiring it. She said she had to get it past the sales committee first but felt confident of its chances. She was out of the office for a month on sabbatical so we knew it would be a while so we didn’t hold our breath. She was going to work on it when she returned.

Cut to yesterday.

Lovely Editor sent a lovely note saying she’d lost the race. We’ve fallen victim to the fact that Really Large House also does licensed books for Really Big Movie Production Company that would have the same target as my little picture book. They don’t want to compete against themselves. Those darn licensed characters!

I’m disappointed but hopeful. Oh-so-smart-and-savvy agent says we’ll get this thing sold before you know it. I’m going to hold her to that. 🙂

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I’m just finishing up two very busy weeks that included birthdays, a marathon play production put on by the mothers at my son’s school (which of course, included me), the sewing and finishing of little gifts for each child at son’s school, the baking and frosting of cupcakes for every child at the same school, painting of scenery, and on, and on, and on…

I’m exhausted. And with the first free night that I’ve had in a while, I should write tonight. But you know what? But I’m just going to rest. (And if I feel good enough in just a bit, I’ll try to write just 9 lines, Debbie MF. 🙂