So you’d think that by deciding to blog, I’d at least have a fraction of cool in me. I mean after all, everyone I know that blogs is cool or has some sort of interesting audience they want to reach. It would help me be a really interesting, cool blogger if there were the least bit of controversy in me, one would think. You know, something that would draw attention. But alas, I’m sort of dull.

My husband and I have this ongoing joke that he did all his cool stuff before we married and that I spent my teen years listening to contemporary Christian music and shunning anything from popular culture while he was out partying and going to Rolling Stones concerts. The part about me is only partially true. Okay, well, probably mostly true. I mean, years later when I was about to marry my husband, one of the guys I graduated with ran into my sister-in-law (to be). In asking what was up with her brother, she said that he was about to marry me. His jaw dropped and he stiffened his back and straightened his arms by his side as if to say “he’s marrying straight as an arrow Kristy”?

In all honesty, he had a bit of a skewed view of me. I was rebellious too, but I don’t think very many people saw my rebellion. And even in my rebellion, I was never one of the coolest kids on the block. I consider it a coup these days when I can even name the group playing that popular song from the 80’s on my husbands ipod. (And yes, he has an ipod. I don’t. I want one but it’s just an example of how I’m always cool two steps behind everyone else.)

Except now. I’m jumping on the blog bandwagon. It’s the cool thing to do. And I even made it here before my husband. 🙂

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