What is worth writing about? Sometimes I get stuck in the thought that if I don’t have something significant to say and if it doesn’t flow from my fingertips onto the keyboard in a significant way, that I must have nothing to say at all. I mean, if I did say it and then it didn’t affect anyone in any significant way then doesn’t that mean it’s not important and I wasted my time? I don’t want to waste my time. So then I end up not writing at all out of fear that it won’t be significant or that I’m not gifted enough to make it significant. Sounds pretty depressing, doesn’t it?

I know that I’ve done my best work when I’ve written something that I consider to be significant. When it is something I feel deeply, even if it is something humorous, I can make it real. The trick is figuring out what aspect of it feels significant to me. I’ll work on that later. But right now, I just feel like a boring, insignificant typist.

2 thoughts on “significance

  1. Oh CRUD

    we have to write about SIGNIFICANT things?

    hehe, I know what you mean. I don’t think things have to be deep or earthshaking to be worthwhile, though. And sometimes the deep and earthshaking stuff is not worthwhile. I don’t think writers are called to solve all the earth’s problems and sorrows in a picture book or novel, hehe. But creating something fun or lovely, even if it seems insignificant, makes that much less room for the ugly and not fun stuff that everyone hails as being “Important work.”

  2. I don’t think you should listen to that voice whispering on your shoulder about significance and insignificant. It sounds too much like one of those nasty, second-guessing voices that tells writers they don’t know what they’re doing and really they would be better off going and doing the laundry.

    I try to write everything that gives me an “ooo, yeah!” spark. A kind of “oh boy!” feeling. Once I start actually trying to turn the idea into a story or essay, the spark often fizzles out, but I slog through anyway. And the thing I write may or may not work in the end. But I’m always glad I gave it a go.

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