Ok, just to contrast with the cuteness going on at AnneMariePace‘s house, our brand of cute is just a little on the crude side:

My daughter, Meg (7 years old), just walked into the room to tell me that she had changed my 1 year old’s (Kate) diaper for the first time ever. Surprised, I asked her if it went okay. She said, “Yeah. It was kind of like diarrhea, sort of a mix between number 1 and number 2… I guess you’d call that number 3.”

Sadly, I can’t even bring myself to put a smiley next to that statement.

2 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. But, see, you put a smiley next to your mood, and “content.” That says a lot. And I think your daughter must be splendidly independent to help out with the baby’s diaper. I’m impressed.

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