I didn’t try to post any of these but suffice it to say that the few times I tried it were hilarious.

I stole annemariepace’s boyfriend, married her cousin, dotificus got me in trouble with the law for discussing socks with an undercover officer, elsbetvance stole kpluta’s cheescake and almafullerton got my mom drunk. Not all in the same episode.


6 thoughts on “funny

    1. Well, I first put druglord bodyguards as a joke and then I came back and changed it after remembering how much men here love to cat-call. Not that my backside is cat-call worthy. But for the ones who are willing to do the cat-calling, I think anything works.

  1. Psssst!

    Hey Kristy, c’mere.

    I just got a shipment. Yeah, black market, you aren’t gonna be able to find socks like these just by runnin’ down to Target. Check ’em out.

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