I hate…

I hate trying to scrape the last traces of peanut butter out of the jar but I can’t bring myself to throw the jar away until I’ve succeeded.

What do you hate but feel compelled to do anyway?

4 thoughts on “I hate…

  1. Besides laundry?

    I eat the crumbs from the bottom of the cereal box because I feel guilty that people are starving and I’m throwing the food away.

    I do throw away bad produce and slightly-off meat, both of which I’m sure a truly hungry person would eat. I feel guilty about that, too.

    1. bad produce

      I’ve just in the last year gotten to where I cut off the bad parts of vegetables and fix them anyway. But not lettuce. If lettuce is brown, it goes out. Same for off meat. I throw it out.

  2. Oh I am so there with the peanut butter…

    And squeezing that toothpaste tube till the last drop, and using that last little scrap of toilet paper.

    I do pick out the whole and partial pieces of cereal from the bottom of the box, but not the crumbs! Anne Marie must be a better person than I. (By the way, how do you eat crumbs exactly? Do you use a spoon? Do you pour them into your mouth? Do you drink them from a cup? What’s the scoop?)

    1. Re: Oh I am so there with the peanut butter…

      I just dump the last of the cereal into my bowl and then put milk in. If it’s not enough for a whole bowl, I mix it with another kind. I’ve also been known to sprinkle it over oatmeal or yogurt.

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