Katrina victims

As desperate as the situation is and as responsible as I feel to do something, I object to the word some on the news have used to describe what people are suffering there: “holocaust”. It is a terrible tragedy, conditions that millions around the world live in everyday and I despise the fact that it is happening and dragging on in the country I love. But it’s not a holocaust. It’s not deliberate annihilation of a group of people by another. It is desperate and uncomfortable and yes, deadly for some and definitely an inept effort at relief but it is not holocaust.

Mabye I’m a little sensitive to that word.

3 thoughts on “Katrina victims

    1. I get it on that level. I’m just struggling with the “deliberate” aspect of that word and the historical connotations of it. Please know that I’m not saying that it’s not a horrific situation.

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