Busy Days

Fifty people came to my house last night. For a wedding rehearsal dinner. I’m singing in the wedding. And I cleaned, made flower arrangements for 10 tables, found 10 new tables when original table deliverer called to say that he would in fact, NOT be delivering the 10 tables he had promised and been paid to deliver, baked and frosted a carrot cake, made 50 servings of lemon pie, and practiced for said wedding. The wedding is today. It’s also my son’s birthday. So today holds forth shopping for a bike and various goodies for presents, making ANOTHER cake and frosting, having a semi-rushed party, showering, shaving my legs, fixing my hair into some interesting, attractive coiffe that’s a bit more dressy than the normal way it just falls nonchalantly to my shoulders, putting on the dress (shopped for and mentioned last week in my blog), practicing the music again for said wedding and then finally actually being a part of said wedding ceremony.

Oh, and did I mention that I woke up this morning hoarse and with a raging sore throat? Anyone have any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Busy Days

  1. I’ve always found that tea with vinegar and honey helps me sing when nothing else will. It’s not as bad as it sounds. In high school plays, I used to down it by the Thermos-brand Thermos.

    You’ll be busy today, but we’ll be thinking of you–it actually sounds like it will be a lot of fun when all’s said and done!

  2. yes,

    hot tea with lots of honey
    have never done the vinegar :/
    i don’t think i could
    but the hot tea, lots of it, and honey will soothe your throat
    and take some Vicks Dayquil or something that will pep you up 🙂
    And make sure your shoes don’t hurt
    and breathe,
    from your core when it is stressful
    and have a fabulous time :))

  3. Interesting about the vinegar. When I was a kid I used to take spoonfuls of it to cure my tummy aches and my colds. Never thought to try it with tea. Er, how much do you add to a cup?

    Hugs, Kristy. Get sleep tonight.

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