running and writing update

Urg. Training for this marathon has become incredibly difficult with the 90 degree F days we’ve been having. It’s just incredibly difficult to keep moving forward for a 2 hour long run in this kind of heat. I feel like I’m getting behind but I’m not willing to worry yet. I’m still hanging on by a thread with my training and enough time to finish several more long, long runs before the marathon in January.

And writing….? Urg. 🙂 Same deal. I’m just not producing much right now. I want to say it’s a season of filling my wells, just like this marathon training is, but I’m in one of those places where I am unsure I’ve got it in me. I’ve got plently of stories in me but can I get them out?

No, I’m not worried about either one of those things. But I am unsure.

I’ll just keep plodding foward unsure-edly.


11 thoughts on “running and writing update

  1. Well, hang in there with the writing.
    I understand.
    Everyone else is chatting happily about their word count and mine sunk in the swamp 😦
    My plot on Scar got lost. It is not forgotten, but tangled.
    Boo hoo.
    But I dragged out my chapter book that I never finished. MAXIE
    It renewed my spirits
    Put the dross away (that is a fruitchoc word :)) and drag out what is fun for you
    If it’s not fun right now work out like well. . .angelina jolie? she looks pretty decent 🙂
    hang in there

  2. I’m eating a half pint of ice cream and surfing ljs instead of writing tonight. I don’t suppose that I’m any encouragement, but it’s nice to know that you, who I know is a poet and writer through and through, has these funks, too.

    You can be unsure, because I’m not unsure about you one bit.

    1. Cass, your last line is funny in a very real way for me. I say things like that all the time. It’s my way of encouraging others, I guess because it helps me for someone to give me the freedom to doubt for a little while because they are in the background believing for me. Thanks, friend.

    1. Aww, gosh, everyone is making me feel so much better. “I can see clearly now…” is playing in my head, even though I’m not seeing clearly yet, the fact that everyone else believes is helping.

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