complete overhaul

Our lives are in need of complete overhaul. Really.

Most days it seems that my life exists in little piles, spread all over the house, spread all over the city. I try to keep some sense of order to the chaos but in this phase of life with three children under seven, 30 college students in and out all week long, a long-term house guest and all the many other carting and shopping and maintaining we do, it’s just not realistic that my life will be anything other than piles of mess. Bills to pay, paperwork to turn in, paperwork to file, toys to put away, laundry to wash, clothes to fold, clothes to put away, things borrowed to be returned…and when any of those piles gets taken care of my children are there to quickly return it to its former glory.

I’ve spent the last two days trying to make some sense out of the disarray of my son’s room. Now if it wasn’t such hard work to teach a five year old to put things back where they go. Or to teach him where they go in the first place.

It sure would make life easier.

4 thoughts on “complete overhaul

  1. It’s hard work with a 14 year old! LOL

    And I hear you re: the piles. Exactly. What makes me melt is when my husband stacks all the piles up into one pile…………..owwwwwwwwwww
    that is the painful thing! LOL

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