Extreme Crafting

Surgical removal, yes. But sometimes it’s the emotional attachment that gets ya.

Somebody please get this man over to a Hobby Lobby for some craft intervention. He’s seriously limiting himself to available body parts. (Well, I should give him credit. He *did* add the porcelain horse and the can of beer to the bucket of formaldehyde. 

In July, police in Lawrence, Kan., gave Ezekiel Rubottom’s foot back to him, convinced that, contrary to a neighbor’s inquiry, it wasn’t evidence of a crime. Rubottom, 21, had tried to explain that he’d had his clubbed left foot amputated and merely wanted to keep it as a memento in a bucket of formaldehyde on his front porch. A spokesman for Lawrence Memorial Hospital told the Journal-World newspaper that there have been “women that want their uterus … people take (home) tonsils … they take (home) appendixes.” Rubottom added a porcelain horse and a can of beer to his bucket to make it what he called “a collage of myself.” [Lawrence Journal-World, 7-26-05]

4 thoughts on “Extreme Crafting

  1. My mother wanted us to make a collage out of her gallstones and staples. But we never did. They are probably still in the house somewhere. Someone asked me if they saved my “cataracts.” No, they were pulverized. And I did finally throw away the bit of umbilical cord in the clamp from one son, and the positive pregnancy test stick also. Dh and I are now arguing about whether or not I should have my skin tags removed from my neck. I’m getting used to them, and I”m not sure pain and scarring is a reasonable replacement. But if I do have them taken off, no I won’t keep them.


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