dreamin’ 2

I’m rewording the first sentence in this post because everyone thought I was going off the deep end:

Have you ever noticed how dreams hang on even when it seems there’s nothing to hang them on? I caught a couple of clips of American Idol the other day. And it amazed me how obviously untalented people could walk out of their audition still convinced that they were going to make it big and prove to the judges how wrong they were. Hope springs eternal. And I mean this in a truly positive way about the persistence of our dreams. I like to think that we always end up with a place to hang our dreams. It may not be where we’d first hoped. And sometimes one dream takes us to another then to another and another and we end up somewhere we’d never even have guessed.

I love that about dreams.

6 thoughts on “dreamin’ 2

  1. Ah…now that makes sense. I don’t watch AI but a friend at work does and he has said something similar.

    Dreams are amazingly powerful. There are many dark places in my life I don’t think I ever would have climbed out of if I didn’t have my dreams.

  2. First of all. . . awesome music selection there

    Faith and Tim are going to be on Oprah on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    And yes, dreams ROCK!

    Nice to see you posting. . .missed you

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