Another quote

The tv is on in the background as I sit here writing poetry.
This is what I heard from a character in the tv drama Everwood:

You can’t always survive by just being practical. You do what you can…but you have to leave room for a miracle.

Pretty good writerly advice for a tv show, wouldn’t you say?

9 thoughts on “Another quote

    1. Hopefully it’s not in the comments from Simon to the competitors – ‘You’re a hack, loser, moron. You have no talent what so ever and you’ll never make it in this business…’

      We KNOW that’s not true with you AM.

      1. Thanks, Alma.

        What I was actually thinking of was at this point, almost all the people left are quite talented, even if they don’t have the oomph (the “it factor” maybe) that will lead to a win and/or to success in the recording industry. They have to have something that makes them stand out, they have to sing the right song (the judges keep hammering on song choice), and they have to be good in all aspects of what they do (if they sing well, but don’t move well, they connect less well with the audience; if they do slow ballads well, but aren’t so good at the boppy stuff, they’ll find a limited audience).

        A lot of those lessons apply to writers, I’m thinking. You have to find your niche and what you’re good at, you have stand out in the crowd (have a hook). It’s not sufficient just to be excellent; you have to be outstanding.

    1. Thanks, Alma. Re: what you wrote to AM. I have to get Simon out of my head everyday, then I have to get Paula out of my head. I try to hear Randy — the practical, realistic, praise the good, point out the bad kind of comments in my head.

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