It’s a Party!

Brace yourselves! thatgirlygirl will be supremely jealous that I ran across it first. We should have a party. Tomorrow is officially Consecutive Numbers Day? At 1:02:03 am on 04/05/06 all the numbers line up in a nice little row like that for us to practice counting to 6. Isn’t that nice? Check it out for yourselves.

4 thoughts on “It’s a Party!

  1. Anonymous

    Yes, my youngest son told us about that last night. They talked about it in school. I was going to post about it and I forgot. It’s pretty cool, huh?


  2. WHAT?!?
    Holy cow. See what happens when I go offline to work for a few hours.

    That is really really really cool, Kristy! Want to stay up and celebrate together? :):):)

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