Cocoons and Butterflies

My writing process is much like a “birth” within a cocoon. The worm of an idea flashes through my mind, then wraps itself tightly in layer on layer of spun thought. Often, there are many worms in various stages of cocooning. I like a busy mind like that, a sort of greenhouse planted with idea-attracting flowers like music, journaling, reading and mind-wandering. I often type in a title when an interesting thought arises and make a Word document and save it with no text. I might not ever use the idea but more often it develops (cocoons) then struggles forth to freedom. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes quirky and full of character, sometimes disturbingly distorted.

I’m learning not to question their differences. I help them in their struggle to break through but if I force them, they often end up unable to fly…until more time passes and I find what they need to gain their strength. Time after time I see how patience may not bring perfection but it brings exactly what was needed.

May that be true for each of us as well as our stories.

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