Snow Days

It doesn’t snow here in Brazil (at least where I live) but today is the closest we come to having what feels like the old fashioned, get out of school early, make a grocery store run, kind of snow day.

Brazil plays their first game in the World Cup against Croatia at 3 pm EST today. And the whole country is crazy. Traffic has been unbelievable since early this morning, people are already drunk and shooting off fireworks, SCHOOL HAS BEEN LET OUT(!) and everyone is headed to a party. People you don’t even know speak to you in the streets. And this is all for the first game. Just the first game. I can’t even begin to imagine what will happen if they make it to the finals. Well, yes I can, because it happened 4 years ago. They won. Brazil wasn’t normal for weeks.

I’m sitting here in my green and yellow, though, ready to cheer my team to victory. You know Brazil World Cup fever is a serious thing when it reaches the 35 year old mother with 3 kids who has never played soccer in her life. THIS is Brazil.


(To understand a little more about how wild Brazilians are about soccer, ahem, FOOTBALL, check out this video: )

UPDATE: Brazil won the game 1-0. The city is going bananas!

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