Since we last spoke…

Okay, so yes, I’ve been fairly absent. Since our last conversation:

* I fell off a horse while riding with a child (not my own child) and succeeded in keeping us both from getting hurt. Mostly. At least nothing was broken.

* Received my first agented sub rejection. 😦

* Traveled exactly one million and twenty miles (okay, I know. That’s a slight exaggeration) and hit exactly four million and three pot holes on Brazilian roads (and that is not an exaggeration.)

* VIsited a sugarcane whiskey (Brazilian Cachaça) distillery. It’s was fascinating, smelled incredible and they make something called cachaçolate which is like a chocolate liqueur. Mmmm.

* Unsuccessfully tried to “relocate” a dislocated fibula for a friend before she got to the hospital because she was in so much pain. No, I’m not a doctor but I sometimes pretend that I am.

* Finished a pb and started a chapter book. Not exactly breakneck speed but this is a busy season of life. 

Sure seems like other exciting things happened but my easily excitable brain is overdosing at the moment on my 3 children singing Barbie karaoke to Oops, I did it Again. Some things just take precedence over memory.

12 thoughts on “Since we last spoke…

      1. Yeah right. Don’t believe it, folks. Behind her back we call her the Brazilian Torture Queen. Ignore that sweet and innocent smile and the fact that she writes children’s books–it’s all part of her elaborate disguise. 😉


      1. Good for you!

        My backside has christened many MANY patches of dirt. The horse I learned how to ride on (at 35) was quite a gal. She would blow out her tummy when being saddled so the girth was always loose once we hit the ring. I’m still not sure if she did it because she thought “belts” were SO uncomfortable or if it amused her to feel me sliding over her side.

    1. Close. It’s got another i. Caipirinha. And they are yummy, aren’t they? It’s hard to find cachaça in the States though, isn’t it? We learned all about it at the distillery. The clear cachaça is used for mixed drinks and the yellow kind you just drink straight. The yellow is aged in oak barrels and the clear rests but never comes in contact with wood before it’s sold. They also sold bon-bons injected with cahcaça. I didn’t try one but they looked suspiciously nummy too.

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