Have you ever had one of those ideas that hover somewhere between slightly derivative and insanely weird? And you write right up to the point where you have to pull the trigger and write out the idea and then you just can’t decide if it’s insanely derivative or slightly weird? So you stop. You go back and perfect what you’ve written to that point, revising right up to the point where again you have to write out the idea. And then you just stop. Argggh! This is never going anywhere unless I just go with this crazy idea.  

Somebody tell me to COMMIT ALREADY.

var sc_project=951334;
var sc_invisible=1;
var sc_partition=7;
var sc_security=”95bd0f3a”;

18 thoughts on “

  1. It’s not permanent- Try it on for size, leave it ’til you’ve written enough that you can look back with a little more objective, and THEN see if you wanna keep it. 🙂

  2. Onward and upward! Push your way through. Man your battle stations! Tell that inner critic to get the heck off your shoulder and GO FOR IT. If it stinks, that’s what the delete key’s for. 😉


    1. I’m tryyyyyying…yesterday, I told myself “just 9 lines”. If that’s what Debbi is doing then I can do at least that too. So I wrote 20 and stopped in a good place to pick it back up and was pleased.

  3. commit!

    trick yourself into writing it, Kristy. Tell yourself that for now it can just ‘be bad’ or ‘crazy’ or whatever it is…just get it down…and then you’ll make it better and better bit by bit. Good luck! Just get it down…

    1. Re: commit!

      Yes, avert my eyes from the crazy internal editor sitting on my shoulder saying “this is dumb, this will never work…”, put in internal earplugs and just WRITE. If I were good enough to type without my eyes open, I could just blindfold myself and not even read as I write!

      1. Re: commit!

        I hear Jonathan Franzen writes blindfolded with ear plugs, but who knows? Ah, author legends…Alice McDermott makes her internal editor stay outside the door on all first drafts. She invites him in by the second or third draft. Good luck!!!

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