Poetry Friday — Making sense of nonsense

Who ever said that nonsense had to have a point? It’s easy for kids to make their own sense of nonsense. There needs to be some sort of logic even within your created world. But sometimes something that makes adults go “huh?’ or “meh.” makes a child laugh hysterically. I’m not really a naturally funny poem writer. But my eight year old daughter considers this poem of mine to be hilarious:


I tried to write a poem of stripes.
It didn’t work too well.
I started rhyming stripe with gripe
Then realized I would fail.
So I started once again
erasing what I’d typed.
But still I cannot find a way
to make this poem striped.

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3 thoughts on “Poetry Friday — Making sense of nonsense

    1. Thanks, Kelly. I have no idea why it makes her giggle so much but apparently the idea of a poem dressed in stripes is funny to her. For me, it’s one of my “meh” poems, not completely finished and pulled together.

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