It ain’t over till it’s over…

About two months ago, Lovely Editor from really Really Large House contacted my oh-so-smart-and-savvy agent to say she loved the picture book we’d just sent her and she was moving forward with acquiring it. She said she had to get it past the sales committee first but felt confident of its chances. She was out of the office for a month on sabbatical so we knew it would be a while so we didn’t hold our breath. She was going to work on it when she returned.

Cut to yesterday.

Lovely Editor sent a lovely note saying she’d lost the race. We’ve fallen victim to the fact that Really Large House also does licensed books for Really Big Movie Production Company that would have the same target as my little picture book. They don’t want to compete against themselves. Those darn licensed characters!

I’m disappointed but hopeful. Oh-so-smart-and-savvy agent says we’ll get this thing sold before you know it. I’m going to hold her to that. πŸ™‚

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38 thoughts on “It ain’t over till it’s over…

  1. Oh, that’s so frustrating. But getting so close is a great sign that another editor and house will see the same potential (and won’t have the ties to that licensed character/books). Fingers crossed for you, Kristy!!!

    1. I will. This manuscript was sent to two houses to begin with. Really Large House showed immediate interest. Different house sent a rejection that basically said, “none of us have an illustrator in mind right now for this, but if it hasn’t sold in 6 months, give us another try.” So somewhere, right?

  2. I’m so sorry, Kristy. But you’re soooo close. What a wonderful pb this must be! So, so excited for you that you’re getting the attention you deserve. Crossing my fingers for you.

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