Feet First

My little Surfer Chick is in the water without a life jacket! Smart, Savvy Agent loved the revision, gave her a push and forced her to swim on her own. She’s sitting in the choppy waves of Totally Awesome Editor Chick’s inbox as we speak.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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25 thoughts on “Feet First

    1. I’m picturing her riding that board right up onto shore. But I’ve got to stop. I’m addicted to getting strung out on the little news here and there that keeps the doors open and this could take a while.

      1. I’ve learned that writing, somewhat like life in the military is a lot of “hurry up and wait.” And yes, for me, writing helps me ignore the waiting! Sorry about the big illustrator, but don’t forget about those closing and opening doors! I’ve had a few doors close lately, so I’m completely in empathy with you. XO C.

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