Sunday morning random-ality

1) I’m very nearly finished developing a website. Not quite but close. Thanks for all the well-wishes and cookies. I’ll let you know when I launch for good.

2) It’s rather disconcerting to take that one last big sip of coffee and see a rather large bug stuck to the bottom of your cup. I’m feeling blecky.

3)The amazing 

 has interviewed little ole me.

4) I never officially weighed in on “the word”. And I just can’t help myself:

It’s just a word,
it seems absurd
to make a big fat deal
of something medical,
it’s not heretical,
unless you cop a feel.
It’s not as if
Ms. Patron used
that word for scandal’s sake.
So please don’t shoot
the messenger.
I say we blame the snake.




16 thoughts on “Sunday morning random-ality

  1. Oooooh, your scroetry is FABU TABU!

    I did more of a rant with mine. I think there should be a website with all the efforts.

    I wrote an observational rant. I think I’ll take another stab at it.

    Thanks for the smile. I’ll be back later to read Alma’s interview! Congratulations (and send the bug to me, I collect them to draw… last one was a sweet little lady bug that came right to me and then expired). Does that make me tooooooo wierd?


    1. Re: Oooooh, your scroetry is FABU TABU!

      You are so very NOT weird. And I would send you the bug if I hadn’t already washed it down the drain with a bunch of onion skin that I needed to run through the disposall (

  2. Hee hee hee–your poem is a fabulous hoot!

    And ugh! on the bug. Hope you’re all better now.

    Your interview was wonderful. I didn’t know ME WITH YOU was written for your husband. What a sweet story!

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