ACK! It’s a YAK!

‘s THERE’S A YAK IN MY BED! makes its debut today, which means, hurry out and buy it! 

One morning, the book’s main character, Ted, wakes up to find a yak asleep in his bed. As shocking as the occasion should seem, Ted’s sleepy mom is more worried about getting Ted onto the school bus on time. But Ted can’t get the yak to move a muscle. In fact, the yak would prefer to stay in bed all day, reading comics, on the off chance that his friend Fox might stop by. Yak met Fox at a party and he has no idea how to find him. Yak seems a little depressed. Perhaps he’d like some chocolate to eat while he reads his comics? But no, Ted convinces him to go to school so that he can learn to write and can therefore send Fox a letter. A great plan. Except for the fact that who knows what will happen when Katie Jo Perkins alerts everyone to the fact that there is a yak on the school bus. 

Here’s hoping we all get to find out what happens next to the delightful characters of Ted and Yak. And will Yak ever find Fox? Sequel! Sequel! Sequel!

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