Just thought you should know…

When you spend several hours baking a 16X 20 double layer chocolate cake and decoratively frost it with cream cheese icing…all from scratch…planning for it to serve 60 excited birthday party-goers….

…be sure that your 120 lb. labrador retriever does not know how to open the door of the room in which you have shut him.

That is all.

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    1. Well, I don’t. The dog belongs to the person whose house M’s party was at. But I couldn’t think of a succinct way to say that part of it, so I just said it as if it were my dog. Because it didn’t matter if the dog was mine or not…he ate my cake!

  1. My 90 pound lab/shepherd mix would (also) have been all over that. Chocolate and cream cheese being two of her favorite things. (Fortunately, most chocolate cake is not toxic to dogs — it’s dark chocolate that can be deadly.)

    What did you serve in its place?

    1. I wondered about the toxic thing.

      We had plenty of bonbons and other stuff…and there was almost half a cake that the dog didn’t get to that was covered with plastic wrap. We cut three inches past where the dog could have slobbered and the brave among us still ate cake. Blegh.

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