I wrote two poems today. This might sound paltry but in my world right now, it is cause for great celebration. Throw the confetti. Pop open the bubbly.

I am still a writer.

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17 thoughts on “WHEW!

    1. I always sing that to myself…”Write on, write on…And I know it aches
      And your heart, it breaks, And you can only take so much…”

      I like the “Walk on” version too but sometimes it’s the Write On version I need.

  1. Two poems is HUGE! I’d be happy with one, which is more than enough product in a day (if it’s a good draft, that is). Soon, I think, I will be able to write again. Soon.

  2. Woo-hoo! Yay you! Check in with me Monday when I hope to have that same “I’m a writer” feeling. This past week, it’s felt more like an “I’m a bad juggler” feeling.

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