Changed the Look!

Most of you probably read from your friends page on LJ so you wouldn’t know this, but I just changed the look of my journal using one of the new Havaianas sponsored themes. It’s cute AND Havaianas are very Brazilian. They originated here but are just beginning their bid for world domination. They’re really just flip-flops but they’re *cute* flip flops.


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10 thoughts on “Changed the Look!

  1. I like the new look of your journal.
    My kids still wear their Havaianas that we bought when we lived in Brazil. Actually, they wear their older siblings Havaianas. I miss the food…

      1. We lived in Sao Paulo from 2002-2004, the Morumbi area. (My husband is a diplomat.) We then had a tour in Finland and now live in Iceland. As for the food- I miss the wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. I especially crave fresh juice.

  2. I could never get over being annoyed by that little piece of rubber between my toes. But they sure are adorable. Funny how we can’t help but be influenced by where we live.

    1. Well, that’s just the thing about these flip-flops. I can’t wear the ones from the States either because that little rubber thing drives me crazy. But something about the design of these (thinner, maybe?) makes me not even notice the thing between my toes. Weird.

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