Thankful Thursday

Random list of Thankfulness:

1. People who pick up and carefully dispose of their pets’ sidewalk deposit. I mean, seriously, pox on those who don’t. Okay, maybe not. That’s not very thankful. But to those that do, you have my everlasting gratitude.

2. Ibuprofen. Not only have we had two viruses, various body aches and three children with fevers this week, now I hear you can substitute it for a daily aspirin to keep your blood from getting thick and gloppy.

3. Readers who love me but don’t love my story too much to keep them from seeing its faults. Because I’m blind at the moment. Well, not blind, just closing my eyes and hoping for the best.

4. Quiet. No need to explain.

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10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I’ve even taken to picking up OTHER people’s pet waste because I worry my neighbors will think it was Trixie who left it there. So, yes, a POX on those who don’t pick up after their pets!

    1. You ARE an angel. I wish you lived near me…and went out each morning on my walking route…ahead of me…:) Oh, and then of course, after that I wish you’d join me on my walk so we could spend time together! How great would that be!

      1. Well, I don’t pick up ALL other waste, just the ones that might look like Trixie’s and that are in our common area. If it’s HUGE and obviously not my dog’s, I leave it! (okay, this is getting too gross and graphic! hehe)

        Walking with you would be awesome!

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