A sense of wonder

I’ve been rereading a collection of writings by Katherine Paterson called “A Sense of Wonder” and ruminating on what it takes to maintain a daily sense of wonder about life. Today was most decidedly NOT a day of wonder. From the time I awoke until this very minute, I’ve felt rushed and pushed and pulled on and tugged on and tired. And sick. I wanted to find the wonder. I searched. And I’m sure the wonder was there, but the eyes of my heart could not see it.

For now, here’s today’s poem. Tomorrow will be better, right?


Nothing grows inside my brain.
I think it’s full of weeds.
If I could get a hoe in there,
I’d plant some thinking seeds.

—Kristy Dempsey (all rights reserved)

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22 thoughts on “A sense of wonder

  1. Are you kidding me? This is the poem you come up with when you’ve been pushed, pulled, and are tired and sick?

    I don’t know if the wonder is there with you or not, but it sure is here.

    I’m wondering how you do it!

    Your poem is… wonderful!

    1. Well, I have to admit that particular poem was written on another day. It just felt right for the kind of day I had yesterday, because when I sat down to come up with my poem for yesterday, I wrote about a spider, but when I had finished that poem it was a little freaky to read if you didn’t know the poem was about a spider who’d caught a moth in its trap. It seemed a little too sinister to post here on my lj. So I posted the weeds poem instead, which fit my mood a little better. I also wrote a really bad poem about a flying squirrel yesterday. But it’s just a draft. The point is just to get it on paper, no?

    1. So true. Yesterday, though, the problem was with me, I could tell. I just couldn’t shake the cobwebs from my heart. The days that aren’t wonder-full because of circumstances or coincidences or for whatever external reason are somehow easier for me to find wonder in. I don’t mean to say that I was beating myself up that I couldn’t find the wonder. There was no sense of pressure other than just wanting to be happy and not really feeling well enough to or time enough to get there between all the things that were coming at me. But Mama said there’d be days like these, too, huh?

      Today is already better. We drove to school this morning extolling the virtues of peach pie and of, surprisingly, potholders and thinking it would be nice if we could fill all the potholes of the world with pot”holders”. And then just as quickly as it had gone, the wonder was back.

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