Pictures– Poetry Friday: National Poetry Month

My son is 7 1/2 years old. He’s beginning to make the transition between books that are for babies and books that are for big kids. He can handle a chapter book on his own now and it’s still a recent enough accomplishment that I can see the pride he feels in it. But he also loves art, making his own art, as well as looking at art made by masters of the craft. So he secretly still loves picture books too. More than ever, or maybe still just as much as ever, he pores over the artistic details in the art in a picture book. He notices more and more each time and to be honest, learns more and more about story-telling by studying these books.

I wrote today’s poem a while back, but it perfectly describes how my son feels about his picture books at this phase of his life.


I still like your pictures;
there’s so much to see.
The boy on these pages
reminds me of me.
Your story might be for
a younger aged kid,
but I like your pictures
and I always did.

—Kristy Dempsey (all rights reserved)

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