Hanging in there

We’re pretty sure our brand new little dog has distemper, which he must have been exposed to before we quickly vaccinated him. He’s gradually worsened and may be at the bottom and about to get better because he has started eating again, or he may be done for, which would certainly break all our hearts. He’s at the vet right now and will stay overnight on an iv. We’ll know in the morning if it looks like he will make it.

Also this week, my son has had back and forth high fevers, which has been exhausting and has confounded the doctor. “It’s a virus”, “no wait, it could be dengue fever”, “no, no, it’s a virus”, “But oh, there’s still a chance it could be dengue fever.” We’re exhausted and so is he. He awoke without a fever today and so he is at school now with the hopes that the high fever won’t return in the afternoon like it has so many days before. We’re only on Day 8 of fever watch but we’re hoping he’s back to his normal chaos today, rather than the sickly chaos of the past week.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Wiping the forehead of a feverish child and administering liquids to a dog from a syringe. When I wasn’t with one, I was with the other. And when I wasn’t with the other, I was with the one. Fingers crossed for a new day, a new week, with an order of healthy on the side. Happy Monday, everyone.

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26 thoughts on “Hanging in there

  1. Adding my hopes and prayers for a return to “normal chaos.”

    And I hope you’re taking it as easy as you can under the circumstances. Try to squeeze in something you enjoy or a nice nap or SOMETHING. You must be beyond exhausted.

  2. Hang in there sweetie. Right after I was married, I moved to Augsburg, Germany because my husband was stationed there. I was very lonely and I went to the Teirheim and adopted a kitten whom I named Gus. Unfortunately I lost him quickly to distemper and I was devastated. I called my parents hysterical at 3:00 EST and they thought my HUSBAND had passed away. I racked up a lot of overseas calls the day that I lost my only little friend in a strange new place. I hope all turns out well for you and I hope your son feels better soon.


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