Where I Live — DAY 2 and DAY 3

Oops, sorry, I missed yesterday! I’ll make it up to you though with two pics today.

Moving in a bit closer…

My street sign:


My mailbox:

The door to my apartment building:

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16 thoughts on “Where I Live — DAY 2 and DAY 3

  1. cool mailbox. Is this the kind to mail things in, like we have the huge blue ones on the street? I can’t imagine you have your own mailboxes outside an apartment building. Also, it’s so small. Do people not mail as much as we do? Or are we obsessed with size here. Certainly we were during the 1800’s when we were telling the world how wonderful and wild America was, esp. with paintings such as the Hudson River Painters. I wonder if large mailboxes had anything to do with that sort of thinking…..

    1. It’s just the kind to receive mail in. In fact, this is the box for our whole building. You just reach in the back and take out what is yours. It’s just inside our gate, so the mailman can slide the mail in through the slot, but no one can reach around to pull mail out from outside the gate. Also, if there’s a package, the mailman rings up.

  2. Very cool that a street can be named for a professor (and that the title is important!). Not to mention the whole different cultural aspect.

    The contrast of shade and sun, and stone/glass and green plants is so attractive.

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