Who referred you to me?

These are some of the search strings that led users to my website this month. Some of them make sense. Others…well, you can see for yourself.

1. love words (this is the # 1 search that led to my site this month. I do love words but I don’t think that’s what the searchers meant.)

2. dempsey kids art (nope, sorry, I don’t usually post my kids’ art on my site, though they are quite talented, if I do say so)

3. kent brown (He’s a great man and there is an interview with him on my site.)

4. a crooked kind of perfect outline (Someone has a book report due veddy, veddy soon.)

5. average number of rewrites for a novel (I feel your pain. Really, I do.)

6. jobs at Highlights Foundation (This would be a great place to work.)

7. acme anvil sound effect (No idea. No idea at all.)

8. linda urban wayne state (Linda, your stalker is inching closer.)

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