Done Gone Crazy

I just decided to do (Inter)NaWriPiBoWee. (The Inter part being that I live in Brazil. International.) Seven picture books in seven days. You can find the info here. (Big shout out to Paula Yoo for getting this thing started.) I am a lunatic. In order to do this, I MUST get caught up on my crits today. Seriously, my critique partners are the most forgiving people I know.

Also, I have one more Poetry Conversation to get posted. Going out of National Poetry Month with a bang. Missed a few days, but the days that I was able to have a poetry conversation with people and get it posted here were well worth it, I’d say.

Also, did you see the post about my CONTEST? Wanna help me see my book in stores and possibly win a copy? Check out the details in the link.

Okay, I’m going to do my crits. Write my notes for (Inter)NaWriPiBoWee. Exercise. Take a shower. And at some point, post my last Poetry Conversation.

But first, maybe I need another cup of coffee.

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5 thoughts on “Done Gone Crazy

    1. I join you in that extreme dislike. In fact, I almost decided to just take the pb ideas I have and run with it beginning tomorrow without actually JOINING up on Paula’s site, because I do have a ton of ideas to which I should dedicate some time. Plus, I can use the distraction right now.

      But I went ahead and made it official, because I figure the accountability won’t hurt me. Well, that and the fact that I adore Amy Thomas and she’s in, so I decided to play along in spite of the name. Why can’t we just call it Seven in Seven?

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