My incredible family, volume 2

This is my older sister, Diana. Get this. She had already ordered ME WITH YOU and is waiting for it to arrive but when she went to the bookstore today in Florence, SC, and found it there too, she paid FULL PRICE just to be able to buy it and photo document the whole thing for me. She took pictures. Her with the book. The sales clerk with the book. The book on the shelf. The credit card machine as it said "please wait". The credit card machine as it lit up with the total. Can you believe her? She shared every step of the process with me. I cried!

Also, I’m the guinea pig interview guest today at Rebecca’s Writing Journey. For deets on how ME WITH YOU came to be, check it out!

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16 thoughts on “My incredible family, volume 2

  1. This cupcake is not for you. It’s for Diana, for being so terrific.

    I love Florence, SC. My aunt used to live there. I’ve been in that bookstore. I’m just sayin’.

  2. Anonymous

    OMG I LOVE Me and You. I randomly clicked on your name on Jay Asher’s blog. I work in a bookstore in Atlanta. Me and You came in last week found it on the cart in the back. I couldn’t help but read it before it hit the shelf. It’s so freakin beautiful. I kept letting out these aww sighs of happiness. I haven’t posted about it yet but I will. Though I did think it was a father/daughter and I was surprised after reading it, to find it was grandfather/granddaughter – But it works perfectly fine for both relationships. I will sell Me and You like candy for fathers day and beyond Congrats on a great book


    1. YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! Your reaction to the book — picking it up and reading it — is exactly what I hope for! And as far as selling it like candy? Oh, I hope, I hope, I hope! Chris Denise did an amazing job on the illustrations didn’t he?

      Doret, I’ll in in the SouthEast for six months later this year. I hope our paths cross at some point!

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