Some pics

I’ve had a really rough night and day with some crazy stomach virus going on. Not feeling much better, but wanted you to see these pics that brought me joy on a not so joyous day. There’s still time to enter the contest if you find ME WITH YOU on your bookstore shelves!

Sweet friend Laura; you can see *   *  Hanging out with Tim McGraw and *   *   Friend and Critique Partner Becky Gomez
Mouse was Mad and Two Boys Have                       Brooke Shields in
the Best Week Ever and several                                      Auburn, AL
other friend’s books

Two dear friends in GA In Borders* * * * * * * * * at Mall of GA * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** Pam Ross in Long Island!
Ed and Carol Hogan

The Cute Little Display that Penguin Putnam
sold to some stores. If you have a Wegman’s,
it’s there! This one was at Quail Ridge Books in NC.

Thanks to Laura Flynt Clum, Mom and Tim, Ed and Carol Hogan, Pamela Ross, Becky Gomez, and Kelly Starling Lyons for the pics!

In other news, I blogged today at the Author’s Now website about what being 6,000 miles away from my first book’s debut has taught me about writing for children. Click here to read it. And please leave me a comment!
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12 thoughts on “Some pics

  1. what fun pictures! congrats!
    however, i have to say i’m disappointed tim mcgraw and brooke shields have children’s books – their books probably aren’t worthy of being featured next to yours 🙂 -nancy

  2. Ick on being sick. I looked all over Books Inc in Palo Alto on Saturday and couldn’t find it. Got home and found out from a friend that it WAS there, in the FRONT WINDOW and she bought a copy. I missed it. Sorry. 😦

    Feel better soon.

  3. Anonymous

    Hope you’re feeling better, Kristy.

    I brought my copy of Me With You to work today, to show it to the school librarian. Hopefully that’ll get you another sale! She hadn’t read it yet when I left work, but I’ll be sure and pester her for a review tomorrow. She DID say the cover was beautiful!

  4. your post

    came up in google. In the descriptive line under the listing it said “two boys have Brooke Shields in the best week ever.” Hmmmmmmm.

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