Book Signing Fun!

Okay, okay, so I know I’ve been terribly absent. Terribly. But here’s a little view into the business of the last month or so. And when I say business, I mean funfunfun! Nothing could be more fun than to see people you haven’t seen in forever, meet new and interesting people, and eat cake. There’s cake leftover by the way, so if you’re passing through South Carolina . . . 

(edited to put pics behind a cut for those who’d like to skip them)

Cake at Family Book Signing at Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC in July

Signing Table and Me With You Display

Chatting about Books in Carrollton, GA; Signing at Horton’s Bookstore, Georgia’s oldest bookstore!

Friends who drove in from Chattanooga and Pensacola for the signing in Carrollton!

Surrounded by kids at the storytime and book signing at Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, GA (Atlanta) We sold out of books!

My truly supportive husband, Demps, who chatted with everyone while I signed at Little Shop of Stories

Cake, punch and cookies at The Open Book in Greenville, SC

Signing at the table at The Open Book. I had a line and we sold 90 books!

Good friend, Judy Sullivan, came to my signing at Spellbound Books in Asheville, NC

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