Hooray for Books!

 Hooray for Books, hooray for great friends, hooray for selling out of books! If you’re ever in Alexandria, VA, there’s no better place to spend an hour, or two, or three than Hooray for Books.

When I arrived for my booksigning on September 6th, Ellen and Trish had made brownies, set up a reading and signing area and had plenty of books on hand. Good thing too, we sold out! Anne Marie and Kathy caught me on the street corner just before I went in the store, and Jama was in there waiting. I was so happy to see old friends and meet others for the first time. I had friends there from Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, DC and Brazil! 

Anne Marie Pace, Kelly Fineman, Kristy Dempsey, Kathy Erksine, Jama Rattigan, and Sara Lewis Holmes

And after that, we were close enough to spend a little time with Lady Liberty on our way to Boston. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Hooray for Books!

  1. It was so nice to meet you and the others, Kristy! My girls were thrilled that you signed their book. Special thanks to Anne Marie for saving a book for me, and to Sara who has now gone from cyber friend to in-person friend. 🙂

  2. Sounds great, Kristy! Congratulations. Did I ever mention to you that Gennifer Choldenko mentioned to me what a great job you did at the event you guys were both at at ALA? And how much she liked Me with You? And that was before she knew I knew you! Woot!

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