Friday Five

 There are things I’ve forgotten to tell you and things I couldn’t tell you until now:

1. Once upon a time there was a manuscript that I loved. The first time   read that manuscript she said, "I’d love to see Floyd Cooper illustrate this." That manuscript helped me get a scholarship to the Highlights Foundation Chautauqua conference. And then an agent. And then an editor asked me to revise it and didn’t know if I could revise and still love it as much. Then I revised and loved it even more. Then Tamra Tuller at Philomel aquired that manuscript and it will be published in January of 2012. Guess who will be illustrating that manuscript? Floyd Cooper. THE Floyd Cooper. Anne Marie Pace must be psychic. 

2. Also in 2012, I’ll have picture book coming out from Abrams, SURFER CHICK, which will be illustrated by the genius Henry Cole. Yes, Henry Cole of MOUSE WAS MAD, and BIG CHICKENS, and KATY DUCK, and many, many other favorites. Just look at the chickens. LOOK at those chickens! Isn’t he the perfect choice?!

3. I was interviewed today by the lovely Tarie Sabido on the Through the Wardrobe blog. I shared some about ME WITH YOU, and my forthcoming picture book with Bloomsbury, MINI RACER, illustrated by Bridget Strevens-Marzo. 

4. Tomorrow will be soccer day round these parts. Two different games on two different sides of town. At least it’s not supposed to rain. 

5. School visit next week in Wellford, SC!!!!

11 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. five things of awesomenewss. good for YOU! can’t wait to follow the details, and fyi, SURFER CHICK is one of the cutest things i have ever, ever, ever EVER read in my life 😀

  2. Anonymous

    How wonderful!

    Congratulations on your news!! That’s terrific that you’ll have two such talented illustrators for your picture books. I was lucky enough to host Floyd Cooper when I was a librarian, and I took a summer workshop with Henry Cole a few years back. They’re both fabulous people, and I’d admire their work. Can’t wait to see both these books.

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