National Poetry Month — An Original from Meg

It’s Poetry Month so of course the sixth graders are working on poetry. My oldest, Meg, worked on a few haiku tonight, and a few limericks, as well as a free verse. But my favorite by far was the limericks. Just have to share:

There once was a reddish wool sweater

which made everything feel much better. 

It fell in the sink

which caused it to shrink

and now I can’t wear my red sweater. 

                             –Meg Dempsey

And her other one was:

There once was a girl from Brazil

who sometimes became an ill pill.

She jumped all around

and fell to the ground

and her mother said, "What is your deal?!!"

               -Meg Dempsey

They made me giggle. 🙂


7 thoughts on “National Poetry Month — An Original from Meg

  1. Anonymous

    I love those! I wonder if my daughter would mind me putting one of her poems up on my blog for National Poetry Month. Good idea!

    (an aside: those ads that play every time I comment on Livejournal are irksome)

    1. I know. I wonder if there’s anything I can do about them. Like, if I had a paid acct. would you not see the ads? Or would you have to have a paid acct not to see them too? It all just makes me want to move to Blogger. But I like the community here and the friending feature.

      1. I am a paid subscriber, so I never ever see ads anywhere on LJ. Not sure if my blog has ads – you can check, which would answer the question as to what would happen if you were a paid subscriber.

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