Things that make my days

1. After helping cute little 3rd grader find the book he was looking for (on fashion, no less, of which we only had a few and the only promising one was more on costume design than fashion), he came back up to me and said, "Miss? I really do not wish to make you a crazy person, but this book? It is not quite my favorite."   Oh dear L, you do not make me a crazy person. I hope to find a wonderful book on fashion design for you soon.

2. Finding sci-fi books for 10th grade sci-fi fan. Oh how I can think of so many new books we don’t have that I know he’d love. It makes me want to spend my own money to buy new books for the school. Which I can’t do right now.

3. Snack time. I love snack time. We have good snacks at our school. For free. Things like homemade cheesebread. Ham and cheese croissants. Yummy natural sandwiches with whole wheat bread and lettuce and tomatoes and fancy cheeses. The kids have two snacks and lunch a day. I just take the first snack and lunch. Yum. I am spoiled.

4. My 12th grade and 9th grade creative writing classes. This year is going to change their lives. And mine. 

12 thoughts on “Things that make my days

    1. I am hot on the trail as we speak.

      I really think his nice manners come partially from the fact that he’s a great kid and partially from the fact that English is his second language. He’s so cute.

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