Highlights Unworkshop Scholarship Winner

ImagePhoto credit: Highlights Foundation


Whoo-boy, dear applicants. This was a difficult decision. Do you realize just how talented you people are? And dedicated? And hardworking? And did I say talented? Because you people are talented in double doses. Our retreat group wanted to give everyone a scholarship to attend a Highlights Foundation Unworkshop at Boyds Mills in PA.

When we set out to choose a writer to receive a 5 night stay at an Unworkshop, we hoped to be able to provide a dedicated writer with the time and space needed to complete or revise a work-in-progress. Each of us in our retreat group are working writers, many of us teachers and parents and volunteers. As we read your entries, we were struck by your perseverance, your incredible story ideas and how many of you write in the early mornings (just like many of us!)

In the end we could only give the scholarship to one writer and we chose Katie Mitschelen. Katie has been writing for several years, gives of her time to other writers, takes care of her family and her ailing father and, like many of us, just needs dedicated time to focus on her Depression era historical fiction middle grade fantasy novel. Yes. All that at once. And she still hooked us. 🙂 Congratulations, Katie! We hope to share more soon about you and your experience at the Unworkshop retreat.

8 thoughts on “Highlights Unworkshop Scholarship Winner

  1. jackiewellington21

    Congratulations, Katie. Please come back and let us know about it. I hope to apply next year if it is offered. 😀

  2. Brava to Katie! And thank you to Kristy & Co. for the uplifting approach in your encouraging note, to one of the finalists who is in our fb children’s writer’s group. The note & support are a giant boost.

  3. Thank you to Kristy and all the writers for offering this opportunity. And thank you so much to everyone for your kind words and congratulations. I’m still in shock that it’s me. I will be sure to report back on my experience. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. A big shout out for Katie! I’m in her writers critique group and we are all thrilled that she was chosen. She is so, so, so deserving! Thanks to the committee for all the time you put into making this selection. I’ve been to a couple of Highlights Foundation workshops and know how valuable experiences there are. For those who applied and weren’t selected, keep trying! It’s worth it.

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