My Picture Book Process and a Corny Joke or Two

Colego FDR — The American School of Lima, Peru


For aspiring picture book writers (or for picture book readers!) I was recently interviewed by Brian Humek and he got me to spill the beans on one of my forthcoming books, and somehow managed to get me to expose my corny sense of humor. Also: I pontificate about self-promotion, the joy of teaching, and something most people don’t know about me!

Check out the interview at

2 thoughts on “My Picture Book Process and a Corny Joke or Two

  1. Bob Gleason

    Kristy, I love your books and had to help get young readers interested. Since rock painting is very popular now, I painted various book characters on rocks to display with the books. This is in a very small library. If you have any objection, I will remove your book and the matching rock. This display is to recognize wonderful works such as your books.
    I always wanted to write and illustrate childrens books but my parents discouraged me. Not at an old age, I am happy to find an author like you who follows her passion.

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