An Ode to Meandering

Let’s call it all the things it’s not up front and center. It’s not
productive, constructive, practical or fast. I’ll even go so far as to say it’s not particularly wise. It’s not the shortest path between two points.

It is the stop and smell a rose or two philosophy. A seize the day (or rather, seize the moment and then that moment and then the next moment that whistles for attention) mentality. A fractured mind, a disjointed absorption. It is throwing yourself into whatever is in front of you with complete abandon and then, seeing something else that brings you joy and deciding you should dabble in that for a while.

I will not post my unfinished WIP list. It would depress you. But for me, it means excitement. Always something to work on. Always something that whistles for my attention. Maybe it just means I will end up with many finished projects at about the same time. Ah, the meandering mind wishes…

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var sc_invisible=1;
var sc_partition=7;
var sc_security=”95bd0f3a”;

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